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Why you should consider airbrushed art for your home.

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Home is where the heart is they say, it takes a great deal of effort, time and money to make it the heaven we reside in. Adding a beautiful piece of commissioned art or two to your walls not only makes a style statement but it can be therapeutic as well. One form of art “Airbrushed Art” has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years. Initially associated with big burly males painting their modified vehicles, airbrushing has come a long way with art pieces being installed in homes.

In this article, we take a look at the five benefits of airbrushed art and why you should consider acquiring an airbrushed piece of art.



  1. Versatility: The major advantage of airbrushed art is it can be done on any surface from canvas to furniture to splashbacks to surfboards and skateboards you name it and you can have it airbrushed.
  2. Effects: Airbrushing ink has an easier blending which gives the art a smooth finish and depth which is difficult to achieve with other mediums. This gives the art a 3-dimensional feel which can be confused for a photograph.
  3. Longevity: Since the ink sits directly on the surface it has a longer life. Clearing* the piece of art adds to the longevity of the art and makes it resistant to weather and heat thereby avoiding fading of colours.
  4. Colours: It is much easier to mix colours while airbrushing. A very specific grade of Ink is used while airbrushing which is non-toxic and dries immediately which is easier to blend as compared to acrylics or oil paints. Airbrushing also allows for maintaining the consistency of colours.
  5. Artists proficiency: Airbrushing is an acquired skill which takes years to perfect as there is definitely a learning curve with this form of art. More often than not a proficient airbrush artist would be competent in other mediums such as acrylics or oil paints. This knowledge helps them mix the two mediums.

*Clearing is a process where a protective layer is added on the art


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