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Supporting Gold Coast Artists

Contemporary Australian Artist

You know what? It’s easy to say, but it’s not always as easy to do. In this world of mass convenience, 24/7 access via the internet to virtually anything we want, choosing a small business can require a real, meaningful approach.

As artists based on the sunny Gold Coast, sometimes people think this business is just a hobby, something to keep us entertained and hopefully keep dementia at bay. As women, I think this is even more prevalent…women start ‘arts’ businesses for some ‘pocket money’ to spend on handbags and shoes! It’s just simply not true. (Although, yes, there probably will be some clothes purchased, but that’s another story…)

Why we started our journey as artists

Art for us is not a hobby or something that we like to do in our past time. We have had an intimate relationship with art since our childhood days. Both our grandparents were avid artists creating their own unique original art indulging in various mediums ranging from oil paintings to glass art. We grew up being surrounded by art from our early days and began our journey with modern art. Over the years we have learnt and mastered disparate mediums ranging from watercolour paintings, original drawings with pencils and markers and the challenging art of airbrushing.

We started 2 Sisters with a goal to create art that we loved, that we believed people would enjoy and want to hang on their walls. We wanted our original unique art to bring joy and meaning to people and to their life. We’ve always been creative, so when the opportunity came to work together on this project, it just felt right!

As every small business owner knows though, you need to be constantly making decisions about your business. When we decided to move away from teaching and focus solely on creating art, we really got our mojo back. In our very short journey we have not only done original commissioned art, paintings for sale but have also launched our range of homewares products with our original airbrushed art with strong affirmative messages.

Getting clear on our ‘why’ recently, has helped us to realise we’re not just in business to make money; we’re here to support women’s empowerment, inspire other creative people to take the plunge and create their art and to make everyone believe in their dreams. Plus, as animal lovers, we’re eager to bring our support and love to animals in need through original animal art.

How can you help support our small business?

Well, we love creating one-off, original commissioned art pieces as these hold special meaning for you and we love to see the joy it brings to our clients.  As airbrush artists we have the advantage of painting on any surface as long as it doesn’t move. We can not only paint on traditional surfaces like canvas to create aesthetically pleasing original canvas art but can also paint on offbeat surfaces like MDF boards, surfboards, skateboards, furniture and even a mini fridge. We have even painted car bonnets which never fail to catch attention at signals. Painting on offbeat surfaces makes them unique wall art pieces which you won’t be able to purchase anywhere else.

You might ask what’s in it for me? Right. Well, not only are you helping local contemporary Gold Coast artists but you are also commissioning an art piece which will be unlike any other you will ever find. The possibilities are endless and the crazier the idea with art the more excited we get. So have a look around your beautiful home what could be the masterpiece that you would want to show off. Could it be a surfboard painted on your wall as a unique wall art or abstract art piece as a splashback in your kitchen or it could your kid’s bedside tables. Like we said the possibilities are endless.

We understand that not everyone can afford a personally commissioned piece of art or head out and buy an original painting for sale for their home or office, so, because we’re awesome, forward thinkers we also create prints in various sizes for all budgets. These range from A4 prints of our original artworks available with or without frame right up to Canvas prints (120cm x 90cm).

You could also support us, your friendly gold coast artist, by gifting your loved ones any products from our homewares and gifts range that includes Coffee Cups, Coasters, Tote Bags, Cotton Cushion Covers, Journals and Paperweights. These are high quality products that we can vouch for and are proud to have our art on.

What’s Next?

We’ve got some exciting projects underway, that we’re super excited to share with you; just not quite yet. Keep an eye on our social media and website for announcements!

You can view our original contemporary art in our gallery and like our facebook page on and follow us on our Instagram account



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