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Sharen-Lee Airbrushes Another Beautiful Bird

Peeps by Sharen-Lee McLachlan

Sharen-Lee McLachlan from Sisters Air Artistry airbrushes another beautiful bird.

Sharen-Lee, who paints from her Gold Coast art studio, loves to airbrush animals and birds. She says, “the depth you get from using the airbrushing technique is like no other. It creates a realism with a gentle softness that you cannot get from other mediums like acrylics, oils or pencil.”

“I like to go in with a deeper colour softly first to create the depth. Once this is done, I like to start the eyes. Eyes are very important to me as they give my birds and animals soul. There are many colours in the eyes so it can take a while to get the exact shading and shadows right for what I want to portray.” Sharen-Lee then went on to add “I then like to go in with white to paint each strand of hair. This can be a long process depending on the animal and size of my painting. I find I get lost in the process and the gentle sound of the air from the airbrush is very soothing and quite meditative, so it is a lovely journey. With each stroke of hair I am creating an animal with heart and soul and this is why I love to name each of my birds and animals – it gives them life.”

Sharen-Lee McLachlan then went on to say “Once I am happy with the amount and depth of hair from the white, I start dusting over with colour from a further distance. The colour highlights the hair and picks up the depth from the first colour laid down.”

She says “I have always wanted to paint an emu, and my sister co-owner of Sisters Air Artistry who is also an airbrush artist, Teresa Franks, and I made a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this year to take photos of our native animals. We got some great shots and although the emu in the photo was larger, I wanted to make a tribute to those beautiful eyes, so we cropped the photo to concentrate on his face.”

“My main aim is to be able to do many more commissions of our local wildlife for people – it makes me very happy.”

Teresa Franks from Sisters Air Artistry said, “I love this painting from my sister Sharen-Lee McLachlan. It was like watching something come to life. From nothing it started to take shape quite quickly to me. Her skills are second to none and I am so glad that she was the one to teach me her skills.”

I can’t wait to see the next painting from the Gold Coast art studio!


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