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Sharen-Lee McLachlan

Sharen Lee McLachlan airbrush artist
Chirika painting of a kingfisher by Sharen-Lee McLachlan

Sharen-Lee McLachlan, internationally acclaimed artist, is renowned for her art with wildlife animals. Sharen-Lee has been lauded for the ability to create magic through the arduous art of Air Brushing on any surface be it Canvas, MDF boards or Linen. However, Sharen is equally equipped to create magic on unconventional surfaces like wood, surfboards, skateboards. She has also been commissioned to make murals, automotive designs and paintings.

Sharen-Lee has been associated with art since her childhood. She was introduced to art even before she could learn to speak. Her grandparents who were both artists are her inspiration. On her introduction to art, Sharen says “I grew up with my younger sister in a small town in New South Wales called Gunnedah. As kids my Nan and Pop would take us in forests for walks, this is where I was introduced to two things I love Art and Wildlife. We would discuss wildlife and art; my Pop would tell me about different wildlife around the world.”

Sharen-Lee’s subjects principally are animals and birds
and she has received accolades for capturing the tiniest
details from the fur to the emotion in their eyes. She says
“I like to study my subjects in detail before I bring them to
life. It is important for me to know the minuscule details
about my subjects. For example, Cheetahs are the only big
cats that purr or that Australian Shepherd dogs have two
different coloured eyes. Knowing these details makes me
feel closer to my subjects and comforts me that I can do
justice while painting them.” Sharen-Lee is known to
name her subjects before she paints them. Through her art
she wants to connect viewers with animals and create awareness about wildlife conservation.

SharenLee McLachlan
Sharen-Lee McLachlan with Mwindaji

Sharen-Lee has been associated with various
foundations such as AWAMO (Australian War
Animals Memorial Organisation). She has been called
their “Official Artist” and was commissioned to
illustrate Smoky, Australia’s first war therapy dog.
Sharen was also commissioned to do a portrait of Stan
the Ram, Royal Australian Regiment Infantry Unit
mascot. She feels this her way of giving back to the
animals who have supported Australian troops in

Sharen-Lee’s art has been covered in Art Edit magazine consecutively in 2017 and 2018. She has also won Best in Show 2017 award in All Women Contemporary Artist Gallery Online (CAGO) 2017. Her illustrations of Smoky for The Purple Poppy were nominated for the best children’s book. Her work “Love” was a Finalist in Brisbane Art Prize 2016 - "Love". Sharen’s paintings (Sabu & Hunter) were also the winners in Contemporary Artist Gallery Online (CAGO) in 2017.

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