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Teresa Franks

Click image  to read more about Teresa
Click image to read more about Teresa

Teresa Franks is well renowned for her surrealistic art
projecting strong messages of inspiration, empowerment
and metamorphosis. Teresa is a multi-faceted artist able to
craft her art through disparate mediums including
airbrushing, acrylics and illustrations. Teresa has been
practising and honing her art since she could hold a pencil,
her grandparents and their love of art has been driving and
motivating her to bring to light consummate art. She says
“As kids, growing up in the small country town of
Gunnedah, my sister and I lacked access to conventional
recreational activities to indulge ourselves in. My sister and
I would look up to our pop and nan who were artists and
motivated and inspired us to pursue art, the values they
inculcated in us of perseverance, being appreciative and respectful, and sharing these values with
others are still intact with us “.

Teresa’s subjects are predominantly women and animals
and her art projects positive and inspiring messages. She
says “Life is challenging, daunting, stressful and hectic with
a constant influx of notifications, breaking news, deadlines
and chaos. I want to send the message that life is not as
atrocious as it may seem. It is the myopic view of the herd
that reinforces this uncomfortable feeling. I want to that
convey that happiness and pleasure lies in small things. The
message I want the viewer to take in is “All Is Well”.
Teresa has dedicated her life to learn different
forms of art like air brushing, graphic designing,
markers, acrylics, pencils as well as ink. She has
shared her expertise with art enthusiast as a
teacher and advisor. Her students who have
become artists themselves keep in touch and seek
her guidance.

A Little Birdie Told Me
A Little Birdie Told Me
Red Forest - TF

Teresa’s art has been well acclaimed by art
organisation as well as art connoisseurs. Her art
has been covered by Art Edit Magazine
consecutively in 2017 & 2018. She has also been a finalist at prestigious art shows like Brisbane Art
Prize 2016, Camberwell Herald 2017 and Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize 2017. Her airbrushed painting
red was bought and donated to Logan Women's Health & Wellness Centre

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